Skullcandy Lowrider’s Sweet Features

by paulb on December 22, 2011

With more and more music lovers opting to get studio quality headphones, it’s no surprise that Skullcandy Lowrider is very trendy right now. This pair of headphones is known for its good sound quality, portability and durability. It’s also popular among regular folks who want to enjoy listening to their music using a pair of headphones that has decent sound quality. Its stylish designs and affordable price make it even more appealing to a wide range of users – from teens to commuters and working people who enjoy listening to music.


Skullcandy Lowrider comes in various designs, but its basic features make it popular. This pair of headphones is well-known for its noise-cancelling feature, which is perfect if you want to block all outside sounds while you’re on the bus, train, or even when you’re on board a plane. You can also choose to play any song loudly using the headphones without worrying about the sound quality. Any type of music will still sound clear and crisp, even if you turn up sound volume to maximum. The headphones offer optimum clarity and depth of sound with their 40mm speaker driver and 18-20KHz frequency range.

Skullcandy Lowrider is a cross between personal audio earphones and professional DJ earphones. Its design permits you to swivel each speaker up to 90 degrees, allowing you to listen to your music with just one of the speakers while your other ear is free to listen to something else. This pair of earphones is also very portable because the headband can be folded as well.

You won’t have any problems using the headphones anywhere and with any outfit. Skullcandy Lowrider comes in 16 different designs, so there’s always a color or a design that fits your personality or fashion sense. Skullcandy Lowrider headphones are also known for the comfort it provides the user with its Soft Leather Touch Ear Pillows.

This pair of headphones is not only portable but also durable. If you properly take care of your headphones, then you won’t have to worry about the pair easily getting damaged.

User Feedback

As with most products, there are several negative comments about the Skullcandy Lowrider. However, positive feedback often outweighs the negative. Some users have complained about the durability of the headphones – the plastic headband is too flimsy and the cords tend to snap easily. As mentioned, if you take good care of the headphones, it’s going to last for years. Users have also commented on the low sound output, while others consider the sound to be decent. Some advise that if you want headphones with higher sound quality output, then it would be wise to invest on more expensive headphones.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

The Skullcandy Lowrider headphones are durable, portable, and are said to be among the headphones with the best sound output. All its features along with the lifetime warranty the makers offer, it’s already a steal for its current price.