Paul Smith wallet: Simple and Stylish

by paulb on November 24, 2011

If you want a wallet that is simple and would be in style regardless of season, then a Paul Smith wallet might be the best fit for you. As designer brands go, Paul Smith is one of the most respected in the UK. It’s best known for its menswear, but they have branched out into accessories, and even women’s wear. One of Paul Smith’s most popular products is its simple but distinctive wallets.


When choosing a Paul Smith wallet, you’ll find that you have a lot of designs and types from which to choose. A Paul Smith wallet can come in simple colours, or can be adorned with the designer brand’s signature multicoloured stripes or a variety of different prints. The brand makes different types of wallets too, so you can choose among billfolds, business card holders, travel cases, credit card cases, and credit card wallets, among other types. These come available for men and women – some styles are even made in unisex. Functionality-wise, a Paul Smith wallet is simple and straightforward. It’s pretty much like a typical wallet with a big slot for cash and smaller slots for cards. Some even come with coin pockets. With a lot of options from which to choose you should be able to find a Paul Smith wallet that suits your needs and style preferences.

Spotting Fakes

Like other designer items, Paul Smith is not safe from imitations in the market. There are several retailers on eBay and other websites that would frequently advertise a Paul Smith wallet sale. You should be wary of unknowingly purchasing a fake product and you should take note of a few things that differentiate a genuine Paul Smith wallet from a fake one. Paul Smith wallets are made from genuine leather from Italy, and have “Genuine Leather Made In Italy” embossed on them. The Paul Smith signature is also embossed in the lower right corner of the wallet and the print on the wallet should feel raised. A real Paul Smith wallet also has white stitching with purple inner lining. Of course, the best way to avoid purchasing fake products is to buy only from trustworthy retailers.

At any rate, a Paul Smith wallet is a good buy, especially since it is durable enough to last years of use.