Paul Smith Wallet: Perfect for Men and Women

by paulb on November 3, 2011

If you’re looking for a wallet that’s stylish or simple, made from high quality leather, and designed to fit your personality and taste, then look no further than a Paul Smith wallet. Originally into menswear, fashion designer Paul Smith has since branched out to women’s wear and accessories for both sexes, so wallets in different styles and kinds have also become available. Admittedly, this designer wallet is pricier compared to other leather wallets, but its uniquely simple yet stylish design, functionality and durability set it apart from other designer wallets.

Different Kinds and Styles for Everyone

Paul Smith wallets come in different kinds such as credit card wallets, billfold and double billfold wallets, plain leather wallets, coin wallets and wallets with mini-designs – all of which come in unisex and his and hers designs. The brand is well-known for its simple leather wallets with white stitches and purple binding threads, as well as its Mini on Location designs.

Depending on your taste, you can opt for the simple black or brown leather wallet or the elaborate ones with mini-designs such as the Glamourama billfold wallet or Mini on the Beach. Most women prefer the polka-dotted and vintage multistripe wallets, but some also go for the plain leather wallets.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Most Paul Smith accessories are priced higher than similar accessories from other brands, but they’re definitely worth your money. A Paul Smith wallet sale will easily draw in buyers, most of whom own or have owned PS accessories before. These people know exactly just how functional, stylish and durable Paul Smith wallets are – they still look new despite being used for over two years or despite rough handling.

Genuine Paul Smith Wallets

 Because of the brand’s popularity, it has become a target of makers of fake designer wallets. However, if you know how to tell the difference between fake and genuine ones, then you can easily avoid buying fake PS wallets. As mentioned, authentic ones have white stitches and purple binding threads, and the Paul Smith signature is embossed on the lower right corner. Fake ones will appear too flat because of poor craftsmanship and poor quality materials used, unlike the original PS wallets that appear slightly raised.

To ensure that you’re getting a genuine one, you can shop from the Paul Smith website or from trusted online retailers. The price may be a bit steep, but it’s a worthy price to pay for a wallet that fits your needs.

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