Paul Smith Wallet: Choosing the Design That Works for You

by paulb on December 22, 2011

Paul Smith’s lines of leather goods and accessories are well-known for their stylish designs as well as for their functionality and durability. Originally, the designer was famous for its menswear line, but it has since branched out to women’s wear and is now offering accessories such as wallets made for either men or women. If you’re looking for a wallet that’s stylish, fits enough of your valuables and is very durable, then a Paul Smith wallet may be the right wallet for you.

Different Designs for Different People

Paul Smith wallets are very well-known for their range of designs, from simple monochromatic designs to very elaborate ones, and from billfold wallets, credit card wallets and coin wallets to moulded card cases. What’s good about the brand is that it doesn’t discriminate – men’s wallets can be as colorful and as elaborately designed as women’s wallets while women’s wallets can also come in one color and have a very simple design.

The two most popular Paul Smith wallet designs are the Vintage Multistripe and Saffiano wallets, but wallets with mini-designs and various prints are also favored by a lot of people. Usually, men go for the Saffiano credit card or billfold wallets because of their simple make of plain leather with white stitches and purple binding threads. Women, on the other hand, usually choose vintage multistripe credit card or polka-dotted billfold wallets. Depending on your preference, you can choose among these said designs and kinds.

Where to Buy

Paul Smith wallets are available online from the brand’s online shop and other reliable online retailers. Most designs and kinds can be bought from these e-stores, but you should always make sure that you’re purchasing one from a trusted retailer. Because of the designer’s popularity and following, there are people who take advantage of the brand. Fake designer wallets abound in online and some physical shops, so you should know how to spot the fake ones from the real deal.

Authentic Paul Smith wallets have white stitching and purple binding threads with the brand’s signature embossed on the lower right corner of the wallet. However, some buyers are still taken in by fake ones because of their slightly lower price tag. Admittedly, this designer wallet is priced a bit steeper than other leather wallets, but that’s a price you’ll have to pay for quality and style. You can check your trusted retailer sites if they have an ongoing Paul Smith wallet sale if you want to get one at a discount.

Grab your Paul Smith wallet now and experience style and durability with high quality designer leather wallets.