Paul Smith Wallet: Simple Style

by paulb on October 6, 2011

Those who like their wallets simple but stylish, a Paul Smith Wallet is typically at the forefront of their options. In case you’re not familiar with the brand, at which case this is your introduction to it, Paul Smith hails from England, from the famous designer known for menswear, Sir Paul Smith, Jr. While the brand started out in offering menswear, Paul Smith has since branched out to women’s wear so the wallets are also available in styles to suit all. What makes the Paul Smith wallet stand out when compared to other designer brands? Read on to find out.

Simple, Stylish, Functional

A basic Paul Smith wallet can come in a variety of different designs, and can suit your design sensibilities whether you like the line’s signature colors or elegant but understated prints. Some designs are made specifically for holding credit cards, while others are simple billfolds with card slots. These designer wallets also made in men’s, women’s and unisex styles, so you have a lot of options from which to choose. The designer brand typically feature leather with white stitches and purple binding threads. The wallets are durable as well, and they will last years of use. A Paul Smith wallet guarantees that you won’t need to replace your wallet too often.

Spotting the Genuine Article

Let’s face it: Tons of fake designer products litter online stores out there. You’ll see a lot of Paul Smith wallet sale advertisements on the internet, but how can you tell if you’re buying the genuine article? Well, you can spot a real Paul Smith wallet by looking at the product photos. The real thing has the Paul Smith brand embossed on there, while the inside should have black leather or a print. A fake Paul Smith wallet may have a flat look (the real ones are slightly raised) and are typically of poor construction with paint and glue. Fake products are why you should buy only from trusted online retailers to avoid disappointment and wasted money.

At any rate, a Paul Smith wallet should fit your style nicely. As these come in different styles, types, and kinds, the prices also vary widely so you may want to find something that fits your budget and aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re getting one for yourself or a loved one, a Paul Smith wallet should fit nicely in your pocket – function- and style-wise.

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