Miracle Blade Review: Super Sharp

by paulb on November 24, 2011

You’ve probably seen the Miracle Blade on an infomercial, and you may be wondering if the knife set really works as demonstrated on TV. With 10 blades included in the set and a Santoku knife thrown in for good measure, it’s hard not to be a little suspicious about the said set. Let’s check out what the Miracle Blade 3 knife set can do, shall we?

Miracle Blade III knives

There are 10 basic Miracle blades in this set, including a slicer, a paring knife, a fillet and boning knife, a pair of kitchen shears, 4 steak knives, a Rock ‘n Chop and a Chop ‘n Scoop. As you can see the set has such a wide variety that you’d have a knife for most kitchen needs. The knives are made to be thin and super sharp, and equipped with special ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip.

The Rock ‘n Chop and Chop ‘n Scoop are equipped with an additional feature called the Accugrip Control Ball. As the name suggests, it allows for better control when chopping, dicing and mincing food. The Rock ‘n Chop is designed specifically for better mincing and chopping, while the Chop ‘n Scoop is designed for chopping and scooping the chopped food into a pan or a plate. On the other hand, the serrated steak knives are pretty effective in cutting meat. The fillet knife, also equipped with a serrated blade, makes filleting and deboning fish easy. The Miracle slicer makes for an all around kitchen knife for your basic needs, and the kitchen shears are a good addition to the set as well.

The Miracle Blade set also comes with a Santoku knife that originated from Japan. Its name translates to slicing, dicing, and mincing so you get a picture to what it’s for.

How does the Miracle Blade set stack up to other knife sets in the market?

Most people are happy with their Miracle Blade set as they are affordable and functional, though some do express caution against sticking the knives in the dishwasher as the sticker logos tend to fall off. The Miracle Blade set will get a multitude of jobs done in the kitchen, and for its price, it offers good value for your money. If you’re looking for an affordable knife set, then this should be a good choice for you.

Miracle Blade