Miracle Blade 101: What’s Inside the Box

by paulb on January 27, 2012

The Miracle Blade knife set is pretty popular, and you’ve probably seen an infomercial or two about it. Its selling point is interesting: the knives don’t need sharpening and never dull. Personally though, I think the most interesting part of the Miracle Blade knife set is the part where you get several different knives at a very affordable price. Let’s check the knives out.

A Knife for Every Job

This knife set has been around for years and has been improved over that time. One of the latest incarnations of the set, the Miracle Blade 3, has a curved handle so you can have a better grip and better control while using the knives. The curved handle also gives your fingers more space so they don’t hit the cutting surface. Two of the knives in the set, the Rock n Chop and the Chop n Scoop have the Accugrip control ball feature that as the name suggests, gives you more control. Lastly, the Miracle Blades are made from high quality metal with a serrated edge that doesn’t dull.

The Miracle Blade III set has a knife for every cutting, chopping, dicing, filleting, carving, and slicing job so you’re pretty much covered for everything. As mentioned, the set includes several Miracle Blades: an all-purpose slicer, steak/utility knives, a Rock n Chop, a Chop n Scoop, a fillet knife, a boning knife, a paring knife, and a pair of kitchen shears. The all-purpose slicer can do pretty much everything except chop, while the Rock n Chop and Chop n Scoop are designed to make chopping easier.

What’s Inside the Box

What you’d find in the box can vary, and it all depends on what type of Miracle Blade set you’re getting. Depending on the current Miracle Blade offers, your set can include two all-purpose slicers or a Santoku knife. Some offers even include two Miracle Blade knife sets, while others include a knife block and a book with tips and tricks. You can get just the most basic set (which is also the cheapest option available) or ones with extras thrown in.

At any rate, you should do your own research if you’re interested in getting a Miracle Blade knife set.