Miracle Blade

by paulb on September 27, 2011

Miracle Blade 3

What is Miracle Blade and what is the Miracle Blade 3 (or Miracle Blade III to give them the correct title) offer that you have seen advertised on TV and in various other locations.

The Miracle Blade III is the latest set of knives by Miracle Blade and consists of 10 knives that perform various functions, all made of high-quality German steel. Miracle Blade as a company and brand have been around for some time now. They offer their knives with a lifetime warranty against defects and a 30 day moneyback no questions asked guarantee, which is a no risk option for you!

There are plenty of testimonials on their site that confirms that their knives are indeed of a very high standard and that the various design features which are exclusive to them, are indeed useful including the ‘Acu-Grip Control Ball’ found on the ‘Rock ‘n Chop’ and the ‘Chop ‘n Scoop’ knives.

The basic knife set includes a total of 10 knives, a Miracle Blade slicer, a rocking Chop, a fillet and boning knife, a Chop and Scoop, a paring knife, a pair of all-purpose kitchen shears (scissors to the English i.e. much smaller than shears, and last but not least for steak knives.

At present the company for offering various bonuses which include a tips and guide booklet complete with recipes by Chef Tony, but perhaps more importantly a Santoku knife.

In case you were wondering (as indeed I was!) A Santoku knife is a design that originally comes from Japan and is a multipurpose knife (originally for slicing and dicing and mincing as the name translates as three uses) with a blade length of about 6 inches (150 mm). The Blade is about twice the depth of the handle. Top of the Blade is flat and curves down to the point.

Buying a good set of knives can certainly be an investment and last you a lifetime. Poor quality knives our frustrating in that they are uncomfortable to use, don’t cut properly for various reasons and need frequent sharpening. With the 30 day moneyback guarantee (that the company call a trial period and they encourage you to take the trial), and lifetime warranty the 13 knives set does represent a good punt if you are after a new set of knives or setting up home or or want to buy a gift for someone (house warming, marriage gift etc) and remember the knives never need sharpening, just read those testimonials!

Get Miracle Blade 3

It’s hard to believe that you get effectively 13 knives with a lifetime warranty for only $60.00!

But that is the deal so CLICK HERE to take them up on their “trial” before the offer is withdrawn and with Christmas just around the corner that may not be too far off.