Aluma Wallet vs. Flipside Wallet

by paulb on January 27, 2012

If you’re in the market for a wallet but want to deviate from the traditional ones, then you may want to check out case wallets. Case wallets, as the name suggests, look more like hard card cases than wallets, and they are basically designed to protect your cash and cards. We’ll discuss two of these unconventional wallets: the Flipside wallet and the Aluma wallet. Let’s check out each, shall we?

The Similarities

These wallets have some similar features, including the rigid form, slots for your cards and whatnot, and a clasp lock. The Aluma wallet’s rigid form comes from a moulded plastic inner case and a thin aluminium outer shell. The Flipside wallet, on the other hand, is made from a hard polymer plastic. The Aluma wallet features a plastic accordion to hold your cards and cash, while the Flipside wallet has a hard plastic divider where you can insert your cards, plus a money clip for your bills.

If you’re worried about RFID theft, then you can rest assured that both of these wallets will keep your information safe as both also provide protection from RFID theft. Both the Flipside and Aluma wallet come in different colours and are designed for use by men and women. Also, most Flipside and Aluma wallet reviews will tell you that these wallets are designed to be kept in your front pocket, though they can be carried in your back pocket as well.

The Differences

Of course, you can expect differences in terms of design and general construction. One of the most notable differences is the wallets’ insides. As mentioned, the Aluma wallet has an accordion-like plastic case inside. These compartments can hold your cards quite nicely, though as one too many an Aluma wallet review has noted, you can only keep cash in the said compartments if you fold it in thirds. The Flipside wallet has a compartment for cards (the aforementioned divider that holds the cards securely) and a money clip where you can tuck in your bills and fold them in half.

Price-wise, the Aluma wallet (US$ 10.99 for two) is much cheaper than the Flipside (US$ 39.95). All things considered though, both wallets offer reasonable durability and protection from RFID theft. The choice between the two all boils down to which you prefer and to how much money you’re willing to shell out.