Aluma Wallet: A Comparison with Credit Card Cases and Regular Wallets

by paulb on January 18, 2012

You’ve probably seen or heard of the Aluma wallet from friends or relatives, or have seen countless Internet advertisements of it. But what is it exactly, and how does it fare against regular wallets and similar-looking credit card cases? Read on to find out.

First off, you use the Aluma wallet like how you’d use traditional wallets – you keep your cash, receipts, calling cards, credit cards and notes inside and place it either in your pockets or inside your bag. However, that’s where the similarities with traditional wallets end. For one, the Aluma brand looks more like a credit card case with a tough exterior and less like a leather bi-fold or tri-fold.

Aluma Wallet Comparison

Many Aluma wallet reviews will point out how different this type of wallet is compared to regular wallets and credit card cases in terms of style, function and features.

Style. This wallet has a slim design unlike its traditional leather counterparts which are usually bulky. You can easily place it in your pants’ back or front pocket or your jacket’s inner pocket. It comes in red, silver and black, making it perfect for both men and women. Aesthetically, the Aluma wallet resembles a credit card case more because of its tough exterior and the accordion-like organizer inside; however, these two are different when it comes to function and features.

Function. As its name suggests, a credit card case is perfect for keeping your credit cards and some calling cards, but it’s a poor case for your cash, receipts and notes because of its compact size. The Aluma wallet is also made from die-cast aluminum, so it won’t easily become bulky if you stuff it with bills and what-not, unlike leather wallets.

Features. The Aluma wallet is best known for its special features: die-cast aluminum exterior, waterproof case, easy touch latch, and the ability to block signals of RFID scanners. Because of the wallet’s durable exterior and water-resistant feature, you won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it in the washer or spilling coffee on it. Its contents – your credit cards, important receipts and your cash – will still be dry and intact. An Aluma wallet review also notes how it can protect you from identity and financial fraud by blocking RFID scanners from getting your information. Modern thieves sometimes carry RFID scanners so they can steal your credit information just by scanning your wallet containing your credit cards. With the Aluma brand, this is said to be impossible.


Another great thing about the Aluma wallet is its price. For $10, you’ll be getting two wallets. Some retail shops sell it for $9.99 a piece, but getting the wallet from its official website and official online retail partners will only cost you $5 a piece. For this price, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth: the contents of your wallet are protected and so is your financial information.