Aluma Wallet: Form and Function in One

by paulb on November 3, 2011

If you’re looking for a wallet that combines function and style but don’t have a lot of money to spend on a designer wallet, then the Aluma wallet is perfect for you. You’ll get both form and function in this one small package without breaking the bank. The Aluma wallet is not only known for its simple yet stylish design and virtually indestructible casing, but is also known for its ability to protect your financial information from thieves.

What others say about the Aluma wallet

Most Aluma wallet reviews talk about this wallet’s durability: you can handle it roughly and not worry about destroying what’s inside. It’s perfect for keeping your cash, credit cards, business cards, IDs and even your driver’s license, and you won’t have to think about crushing these things in case you accidentally sit on the wallet. Its tough exterior is made from die-cast aluminum alloy and it will take more than your everyday rough handling to damage the outer shell, much more its contents. The Aluma wallet is also waterproof, so dropping it in a pool or dropping it in the washer won’t get your valuable items wet or damaged.

Another great thing about the Aluma wallet is its ability to protect you from thieves. If you think that the only way financial identity thieves can get your information is by physically holding your credit cards, then think again. With a handheld RFID scanner, these modern thieves can just scan your wallet to get your information. The Aluma wallet can protect you from this by blocking the scanners from getting your information, so you can now stop worrying about financial or identity fraud.

The Aluma Wallet

The Aluma Wallet

Simple design

It’s also easy to find an Aluma wallet review that shows just how much some people appreciate the wallet’s no-nonsense design. The wallet is small and thin so it can fit in your pants’ pockets, suit pocket and even inside a purse. The wallet doesn’t become bulky even if you stuff a couple of items inside. You can also organize the contents using the accordion-like plastic cases that help you separate your credit cards from your cash and IDs. The wallet comes in several bright colors so you can surely find one that fits your personality, preferences and even the color of your wardrobe.

Undoubtedly, the Aluma wallet offers good value for your money with its functionality, durability and style. It’s also a great present to give your family and friends in case you’re out of ideas for the perfect gift.

>> Don’t hesitate to give the Aluma wallet a try and see how it compares with a wallet that has a heftier price tag. <<