The No Nonsense Aluma Wallet

by paulb on October 5, 2011

At first glance, the Aluma wallet isn’t the prettiest wallet you can get off the shelf. It looks completely nondescript, with its construction deviating from your traditional idea of a normal wallet. You’ve probably been using a typical leather to keep your cash, credit cards, bills, receipts, and business cards, among other stuff. You’ve probably also noticed the alarming rate at which odds and ends accumulate in your wallet and how you then end up with a bulging and probably worn wallet as well. How can an Aluma wallet possibly prevent this from happening?

What makes an Aluma wallet different?

So what makes the Aluma wallet different from the wallet you’re using now? It’s made from die-cast aluminium alloy enclosing a plastic case inside. The exterior of the Aluma wallet is rigid, designed specifically to protect the contents and to provide reasonable durability. The interior of the wallet is divided accordion-like into pages where you can place your IDs, driver’s license, business cards, cash, and whatever else you need to place inside so you’ll have some semblance of organization for the contents. Its clasp prevents the contents from spilling out, while the rigid outer shell won’t bulge like your overstuffed wallet after a few weeks of carelessly stuffing receipts and bills inside. The Aluma wallet is shower proof so in case you accidentally get the wallet wet chances are that its contents will remain dry – you won’t need to use a hair dryer to dry your cash and receipts off.

Is the Aluma wallet worth it?

The Aluma Wallet

The Aluma Wallet


If you aren’t too confident in purchasing the Aluma wallet, I don’t blame you. You don’t have the take our word for it. A quick search on the internet will get you a number of Aluma wallet reviews from variety of different sources. Most reviews laud the aluminium wallet as reasonably durable and a good purchase aesthetic- and functionality-wise. This wallet is also worry-free if you’re

planning to give them away as gifts as they are unisex. Be sure to take an Aluma wallet review with a grain of salt, and consider the price, features, and benefits yourself while taking into account what the reviews say about the product.

In conclusion, the Aluma wallet offers durability, functionality, and protection for the important things you typically place inside your wallet. For its price, the wallet offers good value for your money especially if you’re just looking for a no-nonsense wallet.

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